Pricing and Facility info:

7581 M-78 (Butterfield) Hwy
Phone: (269) 763-2102

I-69 to exit 48, west 1.5 miles

Bath, Brush/ all sizes--$10 & up
Full Grooms (medium and small only)
               --$35 & up
Glitz package, anti itch program, anti flea
    add +$5

0-100lb $18.00 a day
over 100lbs $20.00 a day

Multiple visitor pricing:
2 visitors/1 condo---  0-100lb $25 a day
                                 over 100lb $30 a day

   Mon-Thurs drop-off after 4pm: 1/2 day charge.
Mon-Fri--pick up b4 11 am no charge for that day
Fri, Sat, Sun: Full charge

Office Hours/Drop off & Pick up:
 By appointment please
Mon-Fri:  9-1 & 4-6:00
Sat 9-11
Sun 4-7
(Holidays may be closed or have different hours
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Requirements to Visit 

*New visitors are required to arrange a meet and greet pre-visit and/or a short stay b4 a long boarding stay-please call for info.

*Male K9's need to be neutered and non-aggressive for safety and handling.

 *All visitors must be House trained (potty outside), leash trained and obey basic commands due to our indoor facility and 3 daily outing to recess/potty yard.

*Sorry we cannot board visitors that are outdoor dogs, aggressive, destructive, geriatric, too hard to handle or feeble. 

* Proof of current DHLPP, rabies, and Kennel Cough vaccines.

 *Vaccines take 7-10 days to be effective. Vaccines should NOT be given just before visiting.

*Nasal/oral kennel cough is contagious 4-5 days after being vaccinated)

 *Regular food from home to avert stomach problems while visiting. 

*Dog beds, toys, treats (no blankets, they are not easy to dry, handle, or clean if needed)

*All visitors must be Physically fit and in good health. (visitors must be able to get up, walk to back door, down ramp, potty/exercise outside 3x's daily)

*Canines over 8 years must have health certificate from Vet stating that the visitor is healthy and able to handle boarding visit with no pre-existing conditions. It is recommended to bring a cushion style bed for elderly visitors.